With a classic spirit, Alaric’s Quest is an exciting and challenging experience, featuring a high difficulty that will shake even the most experienced player, although it offers an easy mode for less experienced players to enjoy. Set in a medieval ambiance, Alaric’s Quest transports us to a fantasy world where goblins have stolen from us, and we are going to reclaim what is ours. With our agility and jumping skills on platforms, we must overcome levels of ambushes, traps, and fierce enemies.
The challenging spirit of Alaric’s Quest lies in its unique restriction: the game must be completed in one go without the ability to save progress. This added feature increases tension and excitement, demanding players to be precise and calculated in their movements, and enhancing the reward and satisfaction with each stage overcome.
Currently in development, but soon it will be available on Google Play and Steam as a free Early Access Demo.
Demo Already Available on Itch.io


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 and 4.0

all sounds and music may be modified in the game:

Music by:

Musictown by pixabay.com (Irish Jig)

GioeleFazzeri by pixabay.com ( Beginning the Great Adventure – Epic Positive Inspiring Soundtrack )

Lexin_Music by pixabay.com (medieval Fantasy)


Sounds By :


Caroline Ford, Mike Koenig




felixyadomi, SiliconeSound, soundmary, Natty23, Alba MacKenna, TheVeoMammoth11, Garuda1982, EminYILDIRIM, Hybrid_V, GOSFX, marb7e, newlocknew, jorickhoofd, JustinBW, brendan89, InspectorJ, FreqMan, CarlosCarty, SilverIllusionist, klankbeeld